The Magic of Mindfulness

In this episode, I interview Andrew Jordan Nance, founder of Mindful Arts San Francisco whose mission is to provide literary and arts-based mindfulness instruction to youth at underserved San Francisco schools. He has been an educator for over 25 years and is the author of four mindfulness books. Mindfulness is such a valuable practice for all human beings, and I have found it particularly helpful the past four years. Andrew shares practical advice on cultivating a mindfulness practice, as well as engaging stories and examples throughout the interview. A few of the topics include: * Understanding mindfulness as connection with the mind, heart, and the body. * Responding wisely vs. reacting blindly * Incorporating mantras such as: Today may I be kind. Today may I be focused. Today may I be curious. Here are links to Greater Good Science Center and Mindful Schools. Click HERE for Heather's Coming Out Process Cheat Sheet! Contact Heather directly at

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Remember that you are not alone on this journey!

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