Show Notes for Episode 004 - Parents, You Get a Process, Too!

In this episode of Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen, I explain the six stages of the parents' process, weaving stories throughout each stage. The stages are:




*Expressing Feelings/Thoughts

*Making Decisions

*Trues Acceptance

I talk about the importance of seeking guidance, whether it is professional help, a clergy member, a trusted friend, or through your own research.

My resources page is a great place to start! I have my favorite websites and books listed here. I know I will refer to it often, so take a look around. I also add to it monthly, so keep an eye out for new information!

A personal favorite, Psychology Today allows you to search for all types of therapists using different filters. Love this one!

The Administration for Children and Families will allow you to search for youth and family service agencies in your region. (When in doubt, Google "youth and family services near me"

An all around good resource, The National Alliance on Mental Health provides a plethora of information.

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Thanks for joining me on this journey to transform the LGBTQ conversation. You are not alone!

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