Show Notes for Episode 002 - Coming Out - It is a Process!

This second episode of Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen takes an look at the Cass Identity Model for Coming Out. I talk about each of the developmental stages, and share personal stories, give examples of what to expect and how to best support your child through the process. The stages are as follows:

* Identity Confusion

* Identity Comparison

* Identity Tolerance

* Identity Acceptance

* Identity Pride

* Identity Synthesis

Here are links to articles and resources I mentioned in the show:

Article - Read this Before Coming Out to Your Parents

Notes on the Cass Identity Model

Cass Identity Model

Empty Closets

Book: This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids

The Stages of Coming Out - Strong Family Alliance

Information for Parents of LGBTQ Kids

PFLAG (community support)

Gay Straight Alliance (community support)

PRIDE (community support)

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Thanks for joining me on this journey to transform the LGBTQ conversation. You are not alone!

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